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June 9, 2005
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Elements of the Second World by KeyshaKitty Elements of the Second World by KeyshaKitty
Man, working on this in poor light wasn't easy. :O_o:

Anyways, I promised I'd explain this image a bit more, so here it goes. This is just a little something I wanted to do for my own real entertainment. Don't expect to see these girls popping up much (if at all) this year - because all my attention is on Zuri and her sisters. These girls were just something I was thinking of...maybe the original world of Zuri's connects to another, where four new elements rein over it. I couldn't help but doodle something up for fun. :3

Thus, I created four extra goddess. Not sisters, but cousins. Below are the details for each of them, though like I said: Don't expect them to show up in any art for a reallllllyyyyyy long time (asides maybe the dark-skinned girl...because I love her so :heart: )

Stuff in italics is how to pronounce their names. :3

From Left-to-right

Goddess of Lightning: Rai (Ra-eye)
Symbolic Flower: Poppy
She's the oldest of the four girls, and reins over the element of Lightning. Unlike the slim figures of most of my other goddess, she has a slightly stronger-built lower-body (I've never tried to portray this before, so my appologies if she's too slim in the thighs from what some may expect, though I think I did okay with her). Usually, you can't see her outfit...Her cloak that's thrown over her shoulders here usually covers up her whole body - removed only when she's moving (a rather energetic girl). Orange is the colour usually used to represent her.

Goddess of Ice: Glace (Glass-aye)
Symbolic Flower: Iris
The Second oldest of the four. I wanted to use purple as her colour because it did give off a rather cool look (and I wanted to reserve white for the fuzz on her clothes). She's the palest of all 8 goddess, mostly from her cold element that she controls. Her hair is very fine and done up in a tight bun - and clothes are made of silk (both solid and see-through) and fake fur (My goddess' do not belive in killing for fashion :nod: ). Her symbol was the hardest to come up with...mainly because I wanted something 'ice-like', but still simplistic enough. It's the result of a snowflake pattern I made, then simplified down (x8).

Goddess of Wood: Rosa (Rose-ah)
Symbolic Flower: Sakura (Cherry) Blossom
I never thought pink and brown would go together like this, but I love the result! I love it so very much! I know pink might seem like a strange colour to use for wood, but I didn't want to make the colours too....dull? Alongside my original four girls. Besides, brown would have clashed with her skin colour! :giggle: She is the youngest of these four girls. Her symbol was actually an original design for Midori (goddess of Earth) but I lsot the sketchbook it was in. I found it last week, and figured the seed-like symbol with the leaves would be perfect for 'wood'. I REALLY want her dress and that gold clasp that goes over her shoulders and chest/back. X___X

Goddess of Stone: Johari (Joe-hah-ree)
Symbolic Flower: Forget-Me-Nots
The second youngest of the four - and the toughest too. Very cliche to have the goddess of stone have the brute, tough-girl attitude, but I wanted her that way...but she's not as dull-witted as you may think. Her arms are fully covered in wraps, though you can't see much from this image...stones tend to adorn her body. Grey was the obvious colour choice for her, too.

Kwee. :faint: I is done!

Media: PrismaColor Markers, Tria Markers, Copic Markers, Copic (sketch) markers, Copic (Comic) Markers, Pro Markers, Hybrid Gel Pen, Sakura Paint Pen.
Legal Stuff: Rai, Glace, Rosa and Johari property of *Keysha-chan
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beautiful. everything is done excellently.
WoWxSaBaW Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2008
It's so colorful and beautiful. (Envy showing).......... >.< Still love it tho. Favs
cheetahkit Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
iz this ur own story?
Moyiacat31 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
wow this is very cute
Azia-Fire-Princess Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007
Oh, please tell me where this manga is! I want to read it sooooooo much! ^^
KeyshaKitty Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's my own manga, and since it's a locally published one here in New Zealand, it can only be bought from my publisher. However, it's currently out of stock as it's about to be re-printed in a new format.
NightOwlisaFox Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2007
Wow i totally love them! So original, so sexy kewl. wish i could see this manga. LOL
Emuishere Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I luv the clothes, and the flowers are a really good idea. I really like Rosa's clasp ^^
RainbowDreams Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2005
Woah! That's just sooo cool! =D
COOKEcakes Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2005  Hobbyist Filmographer
OOO, very interesting. Great job, I enjoyed seeing the unfinished product again, byt eh way. :nod:
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