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August 30, 2006
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Jak Through The Ages by KeyshaKitty Jak Through The Ages by KeyshaKitty
Yeah, so Jak my be my 2nd fave character from the games (you all know who's #1!) but darnit if the guy isn't fun to draw. :heart:

I am still getting used to my scanner and the way things work with it. Some things are easy to scan with (perfect the first time around) and others I am still playing around with the level-changes to get the image looking right. With this pic, I gave up after about 10mins of fiddling with the levels, because I couldn't get it looking anywhere near like the original piece ^^;

The original has much stronger-looking colours. Like the green on Jak's eyebrows and Soul Patch are a deep forest-green...nothing like the colours you see here. X3

Oh well. More playing around with the scanner next time.

EDIT: A-HA! Now THIS is what the colours SHOULD have looked like with the first scan! - Just like the original! :3 Finally, Jak no longer makes you need a pair of sunglasses to look at him and his bright skin.

Media: Cresent Illustration Board, Copic Multi Liners, Copic Sketch Markers, Tria Markers, PrismaColor Markers, Pro Markers, Reeves Gouache Paint, Reeves Acrylic Paints, Reeves Gouache Paint, Mitsubishi Gel Pen.
Legal Stuff: Jak © Naughty Dog
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No I couldn't, I shouldn't... Oh for crying out loud, I cannot help myself. I know old picture is old, but did it ever occur to your mind that those white splashes and spots... and when men... and his face and oh I'm such a horrible person.... A horrible, giggling person...
We all know jak would not be jak witout his googles jak 1:mute and cute.jak 2:badass and still cute.jak 3:badass desert maan
BandiHill3258 Dec 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I personally like the Jak II Jak, just for the guns :D
Teen Jak is cool and cute; Haven City Jak kinda cool but scary and anger issues (I would be too if someone pumped dark echo into me for 2 years); Wastelander Jak regained coolness and hotness of teen jak; Jak X total hotty!
Nice work thumbs up!
Shadowzzred Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FullMetalExorcist Aug 21, 2011
uh! he's so funny with his green-ish hair and his soul-patch! when i was little, i think i thought he was a hedge-hog or something, like sonic! lol
This is epic !!!
lol mute to punk to hunter to pilot. ah has jak grown
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