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September 3, 2005
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Jak X Design - Bday Gift by KeyshaKitty Jak X Design - Bday Gift by KeyshaKitty
And so Kai spoke to Nicki on the phone and said: 'I don't know what to draw you for your birthday, asides dirty stuff.' And Nicki laughed and said it was fine. Then they talked about their (30 chapter long!) Jak 3 RPG and how it would be fun to finish it and move onto a Jak X one. To which Nicki sighed because, while Kai had a new Jak X look...Nicki did not. And it was very sad.

Anyhow, Since Nicki was talking about how she didn't have a design for Jak X yet, I figured it would be a fun idea to do it for her. I love designing stuff, and I've been clueless about what to do for her for her birthday (many people don't know it, but I was the one who designed Nicki's ottsel form too...both the very animal style and also the NDI semi anthromorphic one too). And also- Nicki's got a base to work with here, should there be stuff she wants to change

SO - few major things to add about this.
1) This is the FIRST time I've ever lengthened her hair. The thing is, Kai has lots of long, thin braids and I started to'd be CUTE if Nicki had 'em too...just fewer, much thicker, and stumpier. I'm really darn happy with the look here, though I'm interested in what Nicki's gonna think of the final result.
2) She HAS matured some since her older RP form...I still think she's gonna be the sweet, giggly, innocent thing she was in the original...just older looking, really. X3
3) Nicki likes Corset I had to give her one.
4) To prevent the same annoying question of 'uh...what does the precursor say?' her right sleeve says 'Nicki' and the left says 'ottsel'.

OMG! To my Nicki - THAT is my fave of all the papers you sent me! I've been saving it for ages for a good picture that would work with it and...I think the result was perfect! I also want to wish you an UBER happy early birthday! This is simply going up early so that I can post it off to you along with chocolate and that pic of yours I coloured a while back (Urg! I KNOW I've still yet to finish Daxxie-air-guitar!). I love you sooooo uberly much! :heart: You're precious just KNOW that Damas would flip if he saw Nicki in this! XD crits, please. This is a gift, not an 'OMG! HELP!PLZ' piece.

Meida: Mitsubishi Uni Pin inks #0.3, Tria Markers, Pro Markers, Copic (Comic) Markers, PrismaColor pencils, Hybrid Gel Pen, Printed Craft Paper.
Legal Stuff:Nicki design property of *Keysha-chan
Character of Nicki property of *Demyrie
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o0Zak0o Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist
All jak 4 fans,as of now NaughtyDog has given up the Jak series to High Impact Games and Nihilistic Software,and by the looks of things,they arn't going back.Us fans still love the jak series,and want to see more of them.They misunderstood us by letting HighImpactGames make the lost frontier.What made that game horrible was,it simply wasn't madeby NaughtyDog!If we truely want another great jak game,message me so we can come up with a great plot and sendit to them ourselves
ShAlJa-Trio Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2007
Beautiful Eyes, You have a wonderful ability with anatomy.
Naomi--chan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2007
I love the flower in her air it's so adorable oh i rectify She is so adorable!<3!:w00t:
Moewen Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2005
Oh man, I love your Jak X character design! She looks like she had a great personality *which I'm sure she has* *favs*
GoblinQueeen Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2005
Ok, can I just say ho much I love your color choices on this one? They just really come together so well and so naturally. Very professional level work :)
ayekastar Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2005
when I first saw this I was all HIPS<3<3<3 GODS. You draw them so very sex-i-ly ;9 I just /love/ this design for Nickis! The bigbraidy's are a perfect contrast to your thinones <3 The colours are all so lovely together. I reeeaally like all the greensandpurples, and the background is just perfect <3
Adorablestuff <3
dabean Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I'd have to say that this pic is among the most lively, in terms of volume and...erm, 3-dimensionalness? Her hair, he corset, and hips looks so plump, as if they actually curve well beyond the 2-D surface of the paper (wtf, that make sense? x_x It's a good thing, honest!). Her strut that juts her hips up a tad, very nice xD And how the left side of her upper torso curves in a bit to adjust for that beautiful catwalk! I love the chunkiness of your pics, too <3 Things are puffed up a tad (kinda like Chris Sanders' work!), everything down to the zipper *o* <3 THAT ZIPPER. N her belt buckle n leather straps n braids n GAGH *OVERLOARD*

In short, love everything about it so I'ma just shut up now xD

Sweetypie1936 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005   Photographer
Oh, so cute! I LOVE the flower in her hair!
1stpklosr1336 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005   Traditional Artist
That's really cute. I love the clothing.
mollies-ottsel Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2005
<3 it, oh by the way i recieved the jak x demo from naughty dog today and it is incredible!
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